31 Days of Devotion – Days 11 and 12 for Mani

11 Talk about Festivals, days, and times sacred to this deity

While we have nothing noted in lore, I generally consider the two equinoxes as festival days for Mani (and Sunna). Likewise I make special offerings to Him on each full and new moon. Of course I like to venerate Him especially when the moon is visible in the sky and His shrine is positioned in my house below a large window on the landing between stair cases. The moon can quite often be seen through this window shining on the shrine. This was one of the reasons I chose this particular site. Beyond that, any lunar eclipse or blood moon I also consider His feastdays.

moon tree

  1. What are some Places associated with this deity and their worship

You know, I’ve never really thought of this: the moon shines everywhere after all. It’s one of the beautiful things about His veneration: no matter where you are, the same moon shines on us all.

I did recently visit the moon tree in Oregon. It’s a tree that was grown from seeds that were sent into orbit around the moon. That I found particularly significant solely because of the journey the seeds took, but beyond that, I haven’t found any particular places to be His. I would like to find these places. It would be nice to do a pilgrimage especially for Him.

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  1. Outside of temples and such to specific lunar Deities, I suspect that’s a pretty tough order to fill…

    That having been said, I wonder if there’s a work-around, so to speak, in some cases.

    At the Japanese Garden in Seattle’s Arboretum, there is a “Moon Viewing Platform” on which at a certain festival people stand on the platform, look at the moon, and try to compose spontaneous poetry while also drinking and toasting with sake. I haven’t been when this occurs, but would love to someday…

    I know that a few of the standing stones and/or circles in Britain are aligned such that at particular times of year, the moon rises over a certain stone, or in some cases the full moon appears, from a certain vantage point, to “roll” along the top of a flat stone.

    So, something like that, which is aligned to specific instances of the moon, or for just general moon-viewing, might be possibilities that could be developed for Mani in the future. You could have the moon-viewing deck or patio or gazebo in your back yard that is then dedicated to Mani, perhaps! 😉


    • ganglerisgrove

      I love the idea of a garden party to view the moon and write poetry for Him…how lovely! These are all good ideas, Psvl, thank you!


  2. A circle of standing stones that are aligned with the full moons as opposed to the sun perhaps? I have no idea if that’s even astronomically doable or not but it’s a thought along Psvl’s lines.


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