Does Paganism have Sin? Yes, it does! …Well, SOME of it does.

Another excellent article, this time on ‘sin’ in “Paganism’.

Of Axe and Plough

There are certain topics that arise in discussion within Paganism which have so thoroughly associated with cultural or religious baggage that there is a great difficulty in cultivating an ordered and reasoned critique of that topic. The concept of ‘Sin’ has recently been brought up over on Patheos in a post by John Beckett. Titled, “Are We Bringing Sin into Paganism?” [1], Beckett explores the connections between the increase of concern with displays and attitudes towards piety, the confluence of those ideas with what is considered “purity”, the necessity of piety and purity within a Pagan context, and other such themes. Beckett concludes that while “Sin” is not part of Paganism, it could be if the collective Pagan world did not tread lightly, leading to the potential for the intrusion of a Christian-style “sin” within a wider theological paradigm.

His commentators agree with him, continuing with the theme of…

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  1. It would seem that miasma is roiling the Pagan community. I wonder why. Is it because it is confused with sin or is it because it reminds them of Christianity.

    I too read the comments and scratched my head about the “Threefold law” and the misunderstanding of Karma.


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