Last Ostara I found myself rather wistfully contemplating our traditions and today, disgusted at the shit being poured into our communities I decided to revisit those musings and share tem with you here.

… I think about the polytheisms we’re building, especially my own Heathenry …. Let the Christians and others stand there shaking in terror as we enact our sacred rites. Let there be sacrifices made on our holy tides in every village and town and city across the world. Let there not be a single corner of our towns free of the iron-sharp scent of sacrifice, the aroma of incense, the sound of chanting and drumming and music. Let the cries of the faithful in adoration of the Gods drown out every impiety. Let us expiate the sins of our ancestors in abandoning our traditions by bringing those traditions back with a vengeance.

I’m sitting here on Ostara at the gallery I co-own, watching customers browse through prints and pottery, paintings, when cards and I should be standing with a community thousands strong facilitating or participating in the gift of a bull to Freyr, to Ostara, to Nerthus, to Erda Herself. I want to pour out offerings, libations, and enact a thousand sacrifices for my Gods until we right the wrongs done (sometimes by us) to our traditions. I want the red of sacrifice to be so deeply inscribed in my skin that it never comes off. I want my very bones to be colored crimson, the marrow of my body rich with fiery ochre.

Where are our processions?

Where are our priests?

Where are our people willing to gather in praise of the Gods?

I want to see farmers raising animals specifically for sacrifice, tending them, pampering them so that when the time comes we can give our Gods the best. I want to see us, hundreds of thousands if not millions strong willing and hungry to give our Gods our best. I want a world saturated with the sacred, every stone every shadow, every passing, indwelling spirit.

Let us burn hecatombs for Zeus.

Let us butcher stables for Odin.

Let processions fill our streets with rejoicing.

Let all the Gods have Their due.

Heathens, Hellenics, practitioners of cultus deorum, Kemeticism, and every other polytheism under the sun: let our rites grow so large and so fervent that they shake the foundations of the world until that which does not serve the Gods crumbles to frightened dust.

Where there need not be sacrifice let there be chanting and dancing, and the ecstasy only the Gods can bring. I would see our world consumed in it and reborn anew. There is nothing else that matters. There is no greater endeavor, no greater challenge, and no greater joy.

That’s where I am today: longing for what could be, in agony for what should be. Remembering what once was and filled with renewed commitment to see it become so again.

The way to preserve our traditions from anti-theistic, atheist, and other hostile incursions it to fill them with a piety so profound, devotion so great and ongoing, commitment and adoration of the Gods and ancestors so intense that those who refuse to acknowledge the Gods, who refuse to bow their heads before the Powers, who by their presence and dogged insistence on our accommodation of their contempt for the Gods has no place of purchase. Let us make our communities so hostile to these people through the strength of our devotion that they flee as though we have set them on fire.


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  1. “Let us make our communities so hostile to these people through the strength of our devotion that they flee as though we have set them on fire.”

    I absolutely LOVE this. Devotion can and should be as magma in the soul and fire in the blood. We should burn so brightly with the sacred that even the most soul-blind can feel its intensity.

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