New Prayer Card – Freya by Halldora

This is the next prayer card by the immensely talented Halldora. 🙂 I really just adore this image. It is mysterious, lush, magical and shows both the sensuality and danger of this Goddess. It should be available next week. 



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  1. Holy FUCK this is GORGEOUS. The power in that image leaves me speechless!!

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    • ganglerisgrove

      right? I love Halldora’s work but of all the cards she’s so graciously done, I think this is my absolute favorite. I was blown away and moved to tears when I saw it.


  2. Same here, Galina! It is sublime. I also appreciate the exploration of the darker sides of Freya. Sometimes I feel that the darker, dangerous sides of the Gods are often omitted from artwork (particularly for female Powers) so this is both refreshing and humbling.


  3. Stunning. Thank you, Halldora.


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