Faith Is About Respect, Not About You

this. Because our traditions don’t belong to us. they are much, much bigger than any one of us or even any group of us. Our traditions belong to our Gods, and to future generations of devout practitioners.

Haunted Song of Scotland

The pagan community is a truly curious thing. It’s no secret that I have been fairly absent for the past little while because I have been dealing with my real life obligations (which are currently going well – thank you for your prayers!). The last time I returned, there was the last little bits of an explosion related to placing ourselves before the gods, and forgetting where it was that we came from. I touched on that myself here. This time, it seems we are in the midst of a discussion about miasma – what it means for us, and what it means for the greater pagan community.

If you’d like to see an academic and devotional explanation of miasma, please feel free to take a peek over at Galina Krasskova’s blog. She has also reblogged other folks’ weigh-ins as well to give you a broader perspective. My personal…

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