Piety Posse Rides Again LOL

I rather like the term that our detractors so gleefully use for those of us who value piety, so I’ve commissioned buttons that I’ll be selling on my etsy site (I’ll post here when they’re available at etsy). For those of you who are interested, you can pre order here by emailing me at krasskova@gmail.com. The buttons are 1.75 inches, one/$3 or two/$5.  Wear them with pride, folks. Wear them with pride. Piety is not ever a bad thing. 




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    Wear them with pride.

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  2. So funny and awesome possum. If i didnt have a serious aversion to the animal I’d grab one. Sharing the creation with friends though. Love the nickname.


  3. I’m probably going to regret this, but, where are people complaining about piety?


    • ganglerisgrove

      about two years ago, a group of tumblr folks decided that since I and sannion and other polytheistic voices cared more about our Gods and traditions than about validating their inability to tell fiction from actual Gods, that we were oppressing them and termed us “the Piety Posse.” i actually quite like the term. lol.

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      • Mind you, I actually venerate Arlecchino who is a fictional construct that’s come to life, so it’s not like I was completely opposed to the idea. I just believe that there’s a categorical difference between Peter Parker and Achilles and that we should respect such differences. Which clearly makes me a Fascist.

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      • About Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, Stan Lee who created him and other characters never intended for them to be worshiped as deities. He was trying to make characters relevant to teenagers.

        One thing about Pop Culture paganism that I found troubling, was the ignoring of the author’s intentions for the characters. So much for piety when you disregard the creator’s intent for their characters, and decide instead to place your own value system on them and venerate them.

        Do Australians get a different Possum, since the possum displayed is the Virginia *Opossum*?


  4. Oh this is brilliant!


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    Love this idea. Never be apologetic for being pious. Never apologize for serving and devoting yourself to your gods.


  6. Mwahahahaha, these are great! I happen to be rather fond of possums…still looking to find one to make a good divination set from. Road kill must be very fresh if you want the hide after all…plus the bones are usually smashed.


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