Freya Contest – Entries 9, 10, 11, 12

#9 by Laine Mardolldottir

Fire-hearted, golden-haired, sea-eyed, jewel-lipped,

You light the fires of passion.

Wand-wise, witch woman, flame caller, curse breaker,

You light the fires of wisdom.

High Priestess, Goddess, Queen of Herself,

You light the fires of power.

Amber-teared, never ceasing, ever seeking,

You light the fires of hope.

You are the power that boils from beneath.

You are the flame that climbs the torch.

You are the heat that renders us senseless with desire.

Yours is the light, yours is the heat, yours is the sere sky, yours is the flaming torc,

And yours is the flame.

Hail Freyja, Lady of the Flame.


#10 by Laine Mardolldottir

Dedicated to Freyja in Her role as Blotgydja

Hail Freyja, Blotgydja!

Priestess of the Sacrifice.

You keep the sacred flame and the blade that cuts

to free the offering from the offered.

When we reach out to that which is beyond us

You are there at the gate.

In the flame we pour our blood, our sweat, our tears,

we give our passion, our toil, our pain,

Let it pass through the gates and into the hands of the Holy Powers.

May it be transformed and showered back upon us as amber, bronze, and gold.

Teach us the good gifts to give, oh Gefn, and the prices to pay

to achieve our deepest desires.

Hail Freyja, Blotgydja!

Priestess of the Sacrifice!


#11 by Laine Mardolldottir

For Mardoll Freyja, the Sea-Bright Lady:

Upon the joyous waves the sun gold dances,

and there we find you, Sea-Bright Mardoll.

Youthful, shining, beautiful.

You draw us close

and our eyes sting with tears of joy.

When you seek your lost love Odhr,

sorrowful Mardoll,

Your tears turn to shining treasures.

Flying, riding, and walking, your devotion to your love

leaves a trail of beauty in your wake.

Be with us when we are wracked with sorrow,

when we are overcome with pain,

when we are mad with devotion

when passion takes hold of us and our waters overflow.

As our tears burn their hot paths through us,

let us be purified and transformed.

Take our tears and make of them amber.

Take our tears and make of them gold.

Every tear a jewel in Your horde.

Hail Mardoll Freyja,

beloved daughter of Njord.



#12 by Angela Kunschmann


Hail Freyja, the golden Goddess

Loved by all who honor Her

The Lady of light who teaches us to love and be loved.


Hail to the Lady of the Vanir

She who is a strong Warrior and collector of the Dead

The Mistress of Folkvangr, home to the Fallen.


Hail to the Magical One

Who teaches us the sacred magical arts

She who guides the Seidrkona


Hail to the Sensual Mistress

Who reveals the sacredness to our sexuality.

The Goddess who revels in sensuality


May I be as authentic, loved, and strong as She.

May my magic be strong and my sexual nature be adored.

Hail Freyja, the Golden Goddess.


(The contest ends 9pm EST, August 22, folks. All contributors receive a prayer card of their choice, and the winner –who will be chosen by lot after prayers to Freya—will receive that and have their prayer used on the new Freya card. May She be hailed.)

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