Prayer Card Updates

The newest prayer cards, Ran and Hypnos, have been added to my etsy store and are now available. 

There are four new cards that will shortly be available (they are at the printer now):


Diana Nemoriensis by Lykeia


Ellegua by M. Fraser (I had long debated on doing Orisha prayer cards. This is not the usual way the orisha are represented, but I talked to one of my elders via email and he said that it was a lovely idea so long as the images were respectful, and I think these are. :). So there will soon be a set of Orisha cards, starting with Ellegua, Oshun, and Obatala this coming week). 


Oshun by M. Fraser


Obatala by M. Fraser

Stay tuned, folks. I’ll let y’all know here when they’re available. 


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  1. The Orisha cards are very beautiful! I really like them 🙂


  2. I know almost nothing about Yoruban religion, but these cards are beautiful. And Oshun? I think I’m in love. If you haven’t seen them, check out photographer James C. Lewis’ depictions of the Orisha.


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