Asherah card by Halldora

Here is a sneak peak at the Asherah card. This one still requires a bit of funding folks. If you’re interested, please contact me at krasskova @ 




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  1. Ohh…I wish I had some money to spare, as I’d love to contribute to this one…Asherah is not one of my main Hebrew Goddesses (I am much more involved with Anat and Qadesh), but this is a beautiful image. If you don’t have a prayer yet, though, let me know…!


  2. Oh my, this is a very beautiful prayer card. I have no relationship with Asherah and have only done some very low-level research into who She is but must admit that there is a tempting pull to find out more. Because I don’t have enough Gods to worship already?

    Anyone have any solid beginners resources for looking into Asherah and Her worship by chance?


    • You could do worse than Raphael Patai’s The Hebrew Goddess…which also has a lot on Anat, Astarte, and a number of other figures as well. (It really ought to be called “The Hebrew Goddesses,” but what can you do?–Monotheistic slip of the tongue/pen…!?!)


  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I agree with wynndark: this card is tempting me to find out more about Asherah.


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