Winner of the Freya Contest

The winner of the Freya contest was entry #2: 

Vanadis! Tränenschöne!* Menglada!
Bountiful, beautiful, fierce and true
radiant, shining, daughter of Earth,
Your tears, washed ashore by your father
Your neck bejeweled, pure amber and gold,
to you do I raise my prayers,
beloved sister of the fruitful fields.
Look benevolently upon me
and accept the little things I do in your honor
Strengthen my weapons and harden my shields, oh Lady
for you see the knots that weave the net of my fate.
Lend your voice to my song and brighten my eye,
Watch my hands as I work your mysteries.
Ancient one, sow on silent cats paws,
thrice-burnt, thrice-reborn
I hail your names in awe!

By Christopher Gaspar

(Tränenschöne is, as best as I can translate it, “She of the beautiful tears” — Freya’s tears were amber)

Congratulations Christopher!


Please, everyone who contributed, email me your mailing address to and I will send you a Freya card (or other card of your choice) once these are printed. 🙂 Thank you everyone for contributing! It was nice to see all of these new prayers of praise to the Vanadis come into being. Hail Her!


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  1. Such an honor! ❤


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