31 Days of Devotion – Days 21-29 for Mani


  1. Share any Art that reminds you of this deity

There aren’t any pieces of art that stand out for me but any photograph that has the moon dripping a bright gold in the sky will often do it for me. Any images of the moon of course bring Him to mind. And of course there are all the Mani prayer cards. 🙂 I like them a lot, each one. 

  1. Share any Music that makes you think of this deity

ARGH. I’ve never been able to put together play lists. I would love it if any of you have Mani play lists that you are willing to share. Please feel free to post. Music is a very, very special thing for me tied up with my experiences as a dancer and I just don’t relate to it in a way that makes it particularly easy to associate with Him. I wish I did have a Mani play list.

  1. Share A quote, a poem, or piece of writing that you think this deity resonates strongly with

I think of the quotes that I’ve collected that remind me of Mani – and they are many—my favorite is this one:

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”

— George Carlin

24 Share Your own composition – a piece of writing about or for this deity

I’ve written two books about Him: “Day Star and Whirling Wheel” and “Dancing in the House of the Moon.” The first is about Mani and His family, and is a devotional anthology and the second a pocket devotional all about Mani.

25 Share A time when this deity has helped you.

He comforted me after my mother’s death. I won’t speak more of that here, but Mani comforted me after she was gone and showed me her afterlife.

26 Share A time when this deity has refused to help (i really like this question).

I can’t think of any actually. I try very very hard not to ask for help from the Gods. I know that there’s nothing wrong with doing so once in awhile (and Odin once chided me that I don’t do so enough) but I really don’t like my prayers to be full of requests rather than thank yous. I’m sure He’s refused, but nothing specific sticks out in my mind. If something comes to mind later, I’ll come back and post it here.

  1. How has your relationship with this deity changed over time?

I think over time I’ve been allowed to see more facets of His nature. I mean, I was utterly infatuated with Him after my initial encounters and I continue to love Him deeply but as with any relationship, the more time you spend engaging, the more each party learns about the other. I think I have a much more nuanced view of Mani now, than I did ten years ago and certainly my devotion has deepened and become more consistent.

  1. what are the Worst misconception about this deity that you have encountered?

Heh. That He’s female. You’d be surprised how many people assume our moon GOD is female.

  1. What is Something you wish you knew about this deity but don’t currently?

I really wish that we knew Who Mani’s mother is.

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