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Several people have asked me why I shared a post supporting the AFA (Helson’s post from yesterday). Well, I want to briefly address that because it isn’t a post supporting the AFA. It’s a post criticizing a double standard that’s being applied to our communities. 

We have people telling us that we have no right to restore our traditions *because* they were destroyed a thousand years ago (and we can’t claim direct descent). 

Think about that. Think really, really hard and take all the time you need. 

We have people condemning the restoration of our tribes and traditions on the basis that we are in a position to restore them. On top of that, they’re doing so for their own political — not spiritual but political–ends. 

We need a true liberation movement, one that gives the individual the liberty to honor the Gods and spirits and work within their traditional ways, not a false substitute that only enslaves further. I stand by *everyone* who is actively engaged in the restoration and preservation of their ancestral folkways and sacred traditions regardless of what I think of them personally.*

Think long and hard about where you stand on this issue because if you’re not actively supporting the restoration and preservation of tradition, then you’re on the side of those who want to dismantle them. If that’s the case, maybe you need to think about exactly what it is you’re prioritizing and why. 





  • there’s plenty of times when I do agree with Helson but check out his latest. I could not disagree more with his lumping animal sacrifice into a list of deplorables. Sacrifice is essential to our traditions, and it is good and holy. It’s a hell of a lot more humane than factory farming that is standard here in our culture. This is a trick employed by monotheists and secularists and all those employed in trying to dismantle our traditions: they want to make this most sacred of sacraments appear primitive, vile, etc. etc. because that is the foundation of our connection with the Gods. We should be very careful not to play into that and give them ammunition. So even though I may agree with some of the broad points of that particular post, I cannot support it because of the inclusion of that. This doesn’t mean I don’t support him on other issues and I think it’s really absurd that people expect because we may sometimes agree, that we will inevitably and necessarily agree on every single point. He is a colleague and i have no problem calling him out when I think he’s wrong, as he would me. We don’t all have to think exactly alike in order to work toward the same sacred goal.

“It’s Legally Demanded!”

Thank you, Helson, for taking on such a pathetic ultracrepidarian as Carl Bonebright. I applaud you. I’m getting sick and tired of these Marxist assholes stepping to polytheistic traditions and attempting to squash our liberties and our right to self definition on the basis that we don’t have unbroken lineage. I think you said it best:

““Because these Heathens are the scattered remnants of a people who experienced the genocidal destruction of their native ways and it has taken them a thousand years to start piecing themselves back together, they do not deserve the same rights as a tribe who survived the attempted genocide of their native ways.”

They’re trying to divide us with their racism and bigotry but because they clothe it in liberal rhetoric, people don’t realize it. THESE are the real racists in our community.

Hold to your traditions. Honor your Gods. Honor your ancestors. don’t be ashamed of either of them. And don’t give a god damned inch to people who would denigrate that.

Son of Hel

So in my previous post I called out Rhyd and Gods & Radicals for supporting a Native American tribe which has bi-laws and performs actions that would be considered Racist if a Heathen did them. I did this because, well, I’m sick of all the racist double standards I get to see everywhere, were tribes like the AFAr (and they are becoming tribes in the traditional sense, or at least that appears their goal) are denegrated, stripped of their identities, and labeled a lot of horrible things simply based on their ethnicity, but as soon as some other tribe that qualifies as “people of color” (as if that isn’t a racist statement itself) does it, it’s perfectly okay. Well, apparently I rustled some jimmies.

Carl Bonebright (@HeathenTech on twitter) decided that his rustled jimmies needed to be unrustled by talking about how terribly wrong and ignorant I was. Which is…

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Books for Sale – SOLD OUT

Sannion and I are re-ordering our library and I have discovered – inevitably—that I have duplicates and in some cases triplicates of certain books. I’m plucking the best out of the crates that we’re selling to a local bookshop (trust me, it’s not making a dent in our library. I have a huge room, floor to ceiling bookcases piled three deep. It’s going to be beautifully ordered when we’re done!) and offering them for sale here. Today, the following are for sale:

  1. The Lost Gods of England by Brian Branston. Hardcover$10 SOLD
  2. Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine vol 1 and 2. Softcover STILL SHRINK-WRAPPED. $25 SOLD
  3. Runecaster’s Handbook by Edred Thorsson. Softcover. $12 SOLD
  4. Viking Empires by Angelo Forte et al. hardcover. Excellent condition $15 SOLD
  5. The Samurai Sword: a handbook by John Yumoto. Hardcover $10 SOLD
  6. Eros and Magic in the Renaissance by I. Couliano. Softcover. $10 SOLD

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All books are in excellent condition. Please add $7 shipping and handling (I will be shipping in padded envelopes, book rate). Contact me at Krasskova at if you’re interested.

If you’re outside the USA, we can work something out with regard to shipping.

My Latest at Hindu Human Rights is Up

My latest article at Hindu Human Rights is now available. Readers may find it here



Good piece from J. M. Greer

There’s a very interesting post by J. Michael Greer here. Apparently he recognizes the destructiveness of our little self appointed witchfinder general (aka Rhyd) and the damage this shit is doing to our polytheisms. What a delightfully refreshing read. 

Our polytheisms will endure. I think this is just a time of separating the wheat from the chaff. #mypolytheism is about adoration of the Gods and the Gods are ever greater than we. They will not be cowed to our smallness. What a glorious time to be a polytheist: we can step up and shape the future of our traditions and make them fertile ground for veneration. Ever and always it will endure. 


Edit: There is also a good post from Arch Druid Ian Corrigan here touching on similar themes. 

You can keep your “progress” and “modernity”

yep. modernity and the myth of progress: a plague from which we have yet to recover.

Update for WTW – Deadline Extended

We are extending the deadline for the next issue of Walking the Worlds until Nov. 1. The topic is “Ecstatic Practices” so if you’re thinking about submitting something, you still have time. Email me at krasskova at if you wish to submit something. 


I’m back from a small ancestral pilgrimage

I’ve been on an ancestral pilgrimage since thursday. It’s been an amazing experience and more productive than I ever dreamed. I’ve written about it here and here.  I’ve a few other updates to make as well but they will have to wait until later this week. I’m just wiped out. 

Here is one though that I’ll share now in closing. The newest prayer card is by Grace Palmer and for Narvi and Vali. It’s based on art she did for my adopted mom. It’ll be available very soon. That is all.



It will abide.