Online Classes?

We are three weeks in to the online course in divination that I’m currently teaching and it is going very well. I’m considering offering this class again toward the end of October. 

The course is an in depth examination of the protocols surrounding divination, how to prep in a way that better positions one for the process, the ins and outs of doing divination, and how to develop better awareness and discernment throughout. 

Pre-requisites: you must know at least one system of divination. This is not a beginning divination class. You must also be 18+ years of age or older. 

Contact me at if you’re interested. Please title the email “Div class” so I know what it’s about right away. I’m gauging interest. I”m torn between this and an Ancestor work 201 class and with my academic commitments can only offer one. 


Edit: I charge $50 for the class. It runs six weeks (maybe a little more–if i feel that we need another week to fully work with the material, I just extend but there are six formal lessons). I use slackchat. I cap the class at 8 people (that way I can engage more fully).


About ganglerisgrove

Galina Krasskova has been a priest of Odin and Loki since the early nineties. Originally ordained in the Fellowship of Isis in 1995, Ms. Krasskova also attended the oldest interfaith seminary in the U.S.- the New Seminary where she was ordained in 2000 and where she later worked as Dean of Second Year Students for the Academic year of 2011-2012. Beyond this, she took vows as a Heathen gythia in 1996 and again in 2004. She is the head of Comitatus pilae cruentae and a member of the Starry Bull tradition. Ms. Krasskova holds diplomas from The New Seminary (2000), a B.A. in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Religious Studies from Empire State College (2007), and an M.A. in Religious Studies from New York University (2009). She has completed extensive graduate coursework in Classics (2010-2016) and is currently pursuing a Masters in Medieval Studies at Fordham University with the intention of eventually doing a PhD in theology. As part of her academic career Ms. Krasskova has written a number of academic articles, and also presented at various academic conferences including Harvard University, Claremont University, Fordham University, Ohio State University, and the City University of New York. Ms. Krasskova has a variety of published books available running the gamut from introductory texts on the Northern Tradition, as well as books on runes, prayer, and devotional practices. She is also the managing editor of “Walking the Worlds,” a new journal focusing on contemporary polytheism and spirit work and the first journal of polytheology. While very busy with teaching and school, she does also occasionally lecture around the country on topics of interest to contemporary Heathenry and polytheisms. A passionate supporter of the arts Ms. Krasskova enjoys going to the opera, theater, and ballet. Her affection for the arts began early as she discovered dance, which she pursued professionally becoming a ballet dancer: first with a regional company in Maryland, then in New York City. After suffering career ending injuries, she would find new forms of expression in the visual arts. For a few years Ms. Krasskova co-owned an art gallery in the Hudson River Valley of New York, and over a course of numerous years she has studied a multitude of art mediums: glassblowing, watercolor, acrylic, photography and more! She is now an avid acrylic painter and watercolorist and has even enjoyed placement in international artist-in-residencies programs in New York, New Mexico, and Poland. Her work has been exhibited from New York to Paris.

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