Starting the First Week of October: Divination: Doing it Well Online Class

This course is an in depth examination of the protocols surrounding divination, how to prep in a way that better positions one for the process, the ins and outs of doing divination, how to trouble shoot, and how to develop better awareness and discernment throughout.

Pre-requisites: you must know at least one system of divination. This is not a beginning divination class. You must also be 18+ years of age or older.

Contact me at if you’re interested. Please title the email “Div class” so I know what it’s about right away. There are eight five spots open. 

Edit: I charge $50 for the class. It runs six weeks (maybe a little more–if i feel that we need another week to fully work with the material, I just extend but there are six formal lessons). I use slackchat. I cap the class at 8 people (that way I can engage more fully)

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  1. Do you also give beginner level divination classes at other times of the year?


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