I need title suggestions for Freya’s novena booklet — Help!

I have several upcoming novena booklets in progress. I’m really enjoying this format and I love the portability of them. The next one is for Freya. 

Once again, I’m stumped for a title and once again I’m turning to you, my readers, for help. From now through September 21 please email me your suggestions for a title to krasskova at gmail.com. Everyone who suggests a title will receive the Freya prayer card of their choice. (If you already have the Freya cards, you can choose any other prayer card instead). The ‘winner’ will receive that and a copy of the novena booklet when it is ready. 

One september 21, i’ll take all the suggestions to Her shrine. I’ll do divination to allow Her to choose the title and I’ll announce it the following day. 

Please please please help! 🙂

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  1. Tears of Amber, Tears of Gold

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  2. Golden Reflection,Whispers of Beauty


  3. “The Value of Amber”. “Goddess of Worth”. “On Falcon Wings”, “Jewels of Fire Borne on Falcon Wings.”.


  4. Email sent! Mine would be “Beads of Truth (or Wisdom,Beauty, etc) from the Brisingamen.”


  5. “Of Battle, Beauty, and Brisingamen”?


  6. “Shining Light through Blood and Tears”


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