vitality of community?

I have always said that the heart of devotion begins at home, between the devotee and their Gods. Community might be where we come together to build tradition further, and celebrate our Gods, but in the end, the important work is always done alone.

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​Because I am focusing on worship rather than politics. ..I just want to drop a brief note about folks harping on getting involved in your local community as the be all of polytheistic or pagan worship and would like to insist that you are not doing it right if you aren’t involved in your local community here is a bug meh for you. While there is value in community worship, and certainly state cults and temples were a thing in Hellenic religion, the emphasis has always been on the oikos as being utterly important and necessary. I am sure this is likewise in many polytheistic religions. Getting together during festivals was wonderful but the majority of ones daily kharis shared with the gods was at your own family altar. This means that your gods and your worship was largely defined by…your family. It is not about what we as a…

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  1. Some of us are alone for no fault of our own. So we embrace the company of the Gods.

    The internet has become my community as well. And we can build communities in the internet as well.


  2. FYI: Neptunesdolphins is Virginia Carper. I started a blog discussing how I practice my polytheism – most Roman.

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