The Martyrs of Bacchus

I have studied classics for years at the graduate level, but even though I’ve read many of the requisite sources in the original, it never really dawned on me how oppressed the followers of Dionysos were in Italy until Sannion’s project about the martyrs and then it clicked how the same sorts of things are going on today, and how relevant this is for us now.

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  1. I commented to my students in the History of Witchcraft course in ’10 that there was a weird passing of the buck/handing down the oppression thing…first, the Romans said that Dionysians were having orgies and eating babies, etc.; then, they said the Christians were doing that; then later, the (Roman Catholic) Christians said that witches did that. You’d have thought they’d have learned their lesson on saying such egregious things after having been persecuted (perhaps–that’s no longer a certainty) themselves, but apparently not…


    • And it goes on today….the pervasive myth that the only way to overcome your oppression is to become an oppressor yourself.


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