Good piece from J. M. Greer

There’s a very interesting post by J. Michael Greer here. Apparently he recognizes the destructiveness of our little self appointed witchfinder general (aka Rhyd) and the damage this shit is doing to our polytheisms. What a delightfully refreshing read. 

Our polytheisms will endure. I think this is just a time of separating the wheat from the chaff. #mypolytheism is about adoration of the Gods and the Gods are ever greater than we. They will not be cowed to our smallness. What a glorious time to be a polytheist: we can step up and shape the future of our traditions and make them fertile ground for veneration. Ever and always it will endure. 


Edit: There is also a good post from Arch Druid Ian Corrigan here touching on similar themes. 


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