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  1. Off topic:

    Do u have any book titles you can recommend regarding the history/purpose and/or occult history of blood sacrifice? I’ve been trawling around Amazon and most of what I’m running across so far is expiation sacrifice in the Judeo-Christian traditions. I’d like to find something regarding the entire subject from a more ancient perspective and/or wider world view. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    • well, it’s not occult. it’s religious history.

      the first book i’d probably start with is a slim volume called “Greek and Roman Animal SAcrifice” edited by Christopher Faraone and F. Naiden. It gives a nice overview of the scholarship to date (i think it was published 2013).

      one old work, dated but still relevant is Walter Burkert’s “Homo Necans,” which goes into the ‘do ut des’ premise underlying sacrifice (the “i give in order that you might give” premise).

      when i took my classes on sacrifice in the ancient world, the professors started us out with Kierkegaard’s “Fear and Trembling,” which discusses Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac. We also read the work of Rene Girard, I tend not to recommend the latter because I disagree with him on the topic of sacrifice in almost every possible way lol but to understand the academic conversation, one must be conversant in his theories, even if one disagrees.

      Also, “Smoke Signals for the Gods” by F. S. Naiden.

      that should get you started….


  2. I used the term occult specifically in reference to what has been “hidden” through the years of monotheist domination and also to distinguish that I want extra-monotheist works on the subject, since as I said, everything I was running into was from the perspective of “the big three”. I suppose I could’ve just said “pagan”, but that has other problems…

    Thank you for the list. Perhaps, as you run into them, you might consider compiling a list of resources specifically on this subject? …

    I know what else I should’ve said – do you have any suggestions that would deal specifically with the metaphysics of blood sacrifice? That’s the core of what I’m really trying to get to.

    Thanks for this!


    • yeah, while I understand the word comes from the Latin for hidden, I would have suggested choosing a different one lest your readers think you mean sacrifice for magical or ceremonial purposes, which is not the case.

      i can’t think of any book that would deal with the metaphysics. Most of the work on the market is written by academics. those of us who are sacrificial priests..just don’t write about it like that. I mean, i may have a few articles on my site here, but beyond that i really can’t think of what to recommend. there are multiple traditions that sacrifice but I think the metaphysics are something that go without saying…it’s not something that i’ve ever seen written about in books or articles.


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