Books for Sale – SOLD OUT

Sannion and I are re-ordering our library and I have discovered – inevitably—that I have duplicates and in some cases triplicates of certain books. I’m plucking the best out of the crates that we’re selling to a local bookshop (trust me, it’s not making a dent in our library. I have a huge room, floor to ceiling bookcases piled three deep. It’s going to be beautifully ordered when we’re done!) and offering them for sale here. Today, the following are for sale:

  1. The Lost Gods of England by Brian Branston. Hardcover$10 SOLD
  2. Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine vol 1 and 2. Softcover STILL SHRINK-WRAPPED. $25 SOLD
  3. Runecaster’s Handbook by Edred Thorsson. Softcover. $12 SOLD
  4. Viking Empires by Angelo Forte et al. hardcover. Excellent condition $15 SOLD
  5. The Samurai Sword: a handbook by John Yumoto. Hardcover $10 SOLD
  6. Eros and Magic in the Renaissance by I. Couliano. Softcover. $10 SOLD

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All books are in excellent condition. Please add $7 shipping and handling (I will be shipping in padded envelopes, book rate). Contact me at Krasskova at if you’re interested.

If you’re outside the USA, we can work something out with regard to shipping.


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  1. im interested in the Chinese herbal medicine book.


  2. Damn…missed my chance (again!)…


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