There’s an article coming on this soon but I right now I’m working up a presentation and paper for school so it’ll have to wait. In the meantime, I’m going to be brief: 

Devotion is not just for clergy. Devotion, deep, fervent, passionate devotion that consumes one’s whole being is for lay people too. 

I keep seeing this idea coming up that the building blocks of our traditions, of faith, of devotion are things that should only be reserved for clergy and that’s just nonsense. Clergy are important but a devout, on fire for the Gods laity is even more so. 


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  1. Simple and to the point.

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    • someone emailed me basically saying it was all good and well to talk about giving oneself over to devotion and to quote people like Catherine of Sienna but they were clergy. Um no, they weren’t. Catherine and many like her were lay people. Even those monks or cloistered saints i might quote at times were not considered clergy. they were lay people.

      and within our traditions, not only is it possible for lay people to be deeply devoted, it’s crucial. In fact, there may be nothing more crucial to the survival of our polytheisms than a laity deeply committed to devotion.

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  2. I really look forward to reading your article. I’m a layperson, so I’m very interested in what you have to say.


  3. I had to be devoted before I could become clergy.

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