Some thoughts on UPG

Dver has a thoughtful post on UPG up which you can read below. I think what is missing in a lot of cases within this lore/UPG debate is discernment and how to develop it. While there are serious issues with lore being used to squash gnosis and maintain a strangle hold on the tradition in ways that push the Gods out, lately there is likewise complete and utter foolishness passing as UPG in some quarters with no visible attempt at discernment. I’m really glad to see Dver talking about this. These conversations need to happen.


read the full piece here:


“I remember, back in the day, the various Recon-type polytheisms would have lots of arguments about UPG – whether it was even a real thing, whether it should be considered a valid part of a re…

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  1. I made exactly the same point about discernment earlier this year:

    That said, I have a slightly different take on UPG than many people. You might find this post I made a few years ago of interest. (Don’t let the title fool you; I’m trying to make a more subtle point.)

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