Signed books for Sale

I am cleaning out my bookshelves and have several copies of my books to sell. (Normally I’d keep them, but Sannion is putting all the bookcases — of which there are many–in order by category and then within each category alphabetizing them and we need every inch of space. No room for multiple copies of anything!). 

I have the following books available. I’ll sign and personalize each and include a small surprise. 

  1. One copy of “Dancing in the House of the Moon: A Devotional for the Moon God Mani,” $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. SOLDmani-dev-cover
  2. Two copies one copy of “Runes: Theory and Practice,” $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. SOLD OUTrunes-book-cover
  3. Two copies One copy of “Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner,” $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. northern-trad-cover
  4. One copy of “Essays in Modern Heathenry,” $10 plus $2 shipping and handling (it’s a slender book). essays-heathenry-book
  5. One copy ‘Neolithic Shamanism,’ $15 plus $3 shipping and handling. SOLDneolithic-shamanism-cover

Contact me at krasskova at if you are interested in any of these. 


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