It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…er…Afternoon…


I was sharing this story with a friend tonight who suggested I share it with my readers so here goes.

The winter before last I was doing a lot of work with Hermes. I tend to honor Him regularly (Hermes is awesome) but for some reason throughout that winter He was getting a lot of offerings, more than usual. It may have been around the time that I had expanded His shrine, I don’t recall. What I do remember is that I had promised Him an offering of steak.

The day that I was supposed to give Him the steak came and so did a nasty snowstorm. I am a careful driver in the best of times but I really didn’t feel comfortable going out in those weather conditions. Being from the south, I’m a bit skittish about driving in snow and ice. I went to the shrine, lit candles, offered a prayer and explained the situation to Hermes promising that I would go as soon as I could the next day after the roads were properly ploughed. About five minutes later my doorbell rang.

Wondering who the hell out would be out in a bad snowstorm, I answered it to find a young man selling…steaks.

This guy had a truck full of steak that he was selling door to door and before heading home he hoped to make one more sale. I got the point – Hermes wanted His steak— bought a couple of boxes, thanked the man profusely and made the offering I had promised the God.

Sometimes you go to the offering, sometimes apparently it comes to you.

Hail Hermes!

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  1. That sort of happened for me yesterday, too…One of my students mistakenly (possibly via autocorrect) typed “Osiris and Iris,” and I explained that it was actually Isis, and Irish is the Greek Goddess of rainbows, etc., and then that afternoon as I was coming home, there was a huge, full-bow, bright, double rainbow. Point taken!. ;). Thus, She got mentioned in my poem yesterday.

    Speaking of poems: you’ll get two later tonight from me for Thetis and Maia.


  2. This is so typical of Hermes!


  3. LOL! That’s awesome!


  4. If there was ever a God with a sense of humor, it’s Hermes. Hail Hermes!


  5. Glad that salesman was there when there was so much at steak…


  6. I had a very similar thing happen! Odin wanted me to make a wooden staff, and I was dragging my heels about it. Several days later, I was at work and my neighbor called asking if I arranged for someone to cut my large oak tree in front of my house! I did NOT! Ended up it was the City “graciously” cutting my tree back from hitting the garbage trucks as they go by. Not only that, but they left EVERYTHING behind instead of chipping it or taking it with them, so I had a huge pile of staff-sized branches sitting in my yard when I got home. OK, OK, I get it!


  7. Reading this story made me smile. What the Gods want, the Gods get. It just may not be in the way we humans expect.


  8. This is so Hermes!! I love it!!


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