Etsy Update, Card Fundraising, and More Books to Sell

I’ve updated my etsy site to include the Cailleach cards, the Narvi and Vali cards, and a few others.

I also have the following books for sale (email me at Krasskova at if you’re interested. I’ll be winnowing my book hoarde for awhile, folks. Every time I find extras, I’ll post here).

  1. Essays in Modern Heathenry $12 plus $2 shipping and handling


  1. Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitoner (with Raven Kaldera) $12 plus $3 shipping and handling. SOLD


  1. Exploring the Northern Tradition $12 plus $3 shipping and handling


  1. Two copies One copy of “On Divination” $10 plus $2 shipping and handling.


  1. Transgressing Faith: Race, Gender, and the Concept of “Ergi” in Modern American Heathenry $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. 


  1. Skalded Apples: A Devotional to Iduna and Bragi $10 plus $3 shipping and handling.


All of my books will be sent signed, personalized, and with a small gift.

I also have a copy of Cicero’s Orations against Catline edited by Clark with interlinear Text available for $10 plus $3 shipping and handling.

I am also running a ‘winter-is-coming’ sale on setting of lights. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy doing these until someone ordered one recently. Usually I charge $25 for them, but through Dec. 20 the start of Yule proper, I’m offering this service for $12. All the proceeds are going to fund prayer cards. 

Finally, I”m fundraising for three prayer cards that are currently in progress: Eirene, Goddess of peace, Iris, the messenger of Olympus, and Eunomia. If you’re interested in donating toward these cards (I have quite a bit to raise, each one is $450 including printing), please contact me at krasskova @ or paypal directly to If you choose the latter, be sure to let me know which card you’re sponsoring and include an email. In return, you’ll be given credit on the back of the card, may choose six prayer cards for free, and if you donate over $50, also a setting of lights.


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  1. What sort of lights? I am looking for some for my devotions.


    • setting of lights is a conjure practice wherein the conjure person charges up candles, anoints them, decorates them, and burns them on a dedicated shrine for people. I can do so as offerings to for specific Deities.


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