Powerful Omen at Standing Rock

On my facebook I’ve been posting and sharing quite a bit about the attacks on Native People protecting their land at Standing Rock. It makes for rough reading. Today, for instance, I learned that Standing Rock medics have been shot and arrested by police. Medics. It sickens me. Today though, I also learned of something very powerful that happened: thousands of wild buffalo appeared at the site. It is such a powerful omen, I wanted to break my general rule of no US politics during election season to post here about it. 

Check out the story here

Also a good link on what’s going on and why it’s important here

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  1. I’ll be mentioning this in my own post today as well in the Sacred Nights of Antinous…this is always one of the toughest days in that process, and I have the scars–or rather, the bald head–to prove it now.


  2. Just …. speechless!!!! This is such a clear message. Those pipeline pipeline people need to be arrested by federal forces because they have gone against a federal/presidential order. Where is the FBI doing its duty?


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