“Radical” Muslims destroy Hindu temples and violate Hindu homes during Diwali.

Muslims violated the festival of Diwali this past weekend, destroying 15 Hindu temples and 200 Hindu homes. 

See article here and here for the full story. 


I hope that those affected by this vile desecration of their sacred spaces, Gods, and festival take appropriate action. 

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  1. They will surely take. Now, isn’t it leading to riots and stuff.


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  3. This is a case of overt opposition. There are people coming under the garb of environmentalism to discourage Diwali celebrations with reasons ranging from pollution to what-not.
    I agree that in major cities like Delhi and Noida, air pollution is a major spoil-sport, but in other minor villages and towns air pollution is negligible.


  4. Yet another piece of evidence in the growing pile.


  5. Anywhere Monotheism is allowed to exist, things like this happen. The very idea of other religions existing makes them livid. India needs to get their Radical Muslim problem under control, or their traditions may just go the way of those in Europe. I hope they build thirty temples and 400 new homes in response. A message should be sent that for every sacred space desecrated, double that number will be created.

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    • If I am right, Hinduism is one of the last if not THE last of the old Polytheisms that has survived the Christian purge mostly intact.


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    I used to avoid anything at all that had even a whiff of conflict … I’m tired. The world seems like it wants to implode sometimes. There is a reason I like in woods, folks. But I believe this is important, Muslims are attacking polytheists all over the world and we need to stand with our Hindu brothers and sisters. This sacrilege and terroristic attacks on polytheist temples and HOMES is sickening.


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