Eirene Prayer Card by Grace Palmer

Here is the latest prayer card, Eirene by Grace Palmer. It should be available for purchase in a week or so. If anyone is interesting in helping to sponsor this card, please contact me at krasskova at gmail.com (all the usual perks apply), and if anyone has a prayer that you’d be willing to donate, likewise please contact me. I don’t have a devotional relationship with this Goddess so while I can (and will if necessary) write one, I’d first like to defer to someone who actually venerate Her. 



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  1. Beautiful!

    I can do a prayer for Her, if no one else will. (I have more of a relationship with Her Roman counterpart, Pax, but depending on if one things they are different or not…which, while I don’t agree on that being the case between a lot of the Greek and Roman cognates, I think might actually apply to some of the deified abstractions, but that might be a discussion for a “Speaking of Syncretism” article at some point…!?!)


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