Interview about Polytheism

Edward Butler and I were interviewed for the Dan Schneider Radio show this morning. Those interested, may access the interview below. We discuss all manner of things related to polytheism.


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  1. It was time well spent to watch and listen, thank you!


  2. Interesting…

    The usual atheist (i.e. creedal religionist, or anti-religionist as the case may be, but still creedal!) circumscribing of the terms of the discussion was there, which is lamentable, but both you and Edward did represent polytheism very well indeed! Thank you for doing that!

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  3. I’ll listen to this tonight, and likely share it on my facebook. Just an aside, a pet peeve I’ve always had is the slash. Like Wiccan/Pagan as an example. Unless I’m mistaken, Wicca is a pagan tradition, so why are you Wiccan or Pagan? Only tangentially related, but you don’t see Baptist/Christian or Catholic/Christian. Why do we subdivide ourselves in the pagan community like that, or the Polytheist community at large?


    • because too many pagans don’t believe in, venerate, or respect the Gods. we had this community battle a couple of years ago. I personally think Pagan should = polytheist, but that’s not the way the community works.

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