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  1. I view Einherjar also as a way to remember the person I was before my death: an entirely different being with a name of her own. We became separated after my soul was shattered – she died so that the rest could live on. She identified strongly with the warrior archetype, and I sense that she is proud to be honoured on this day.

    That, however, is not why I decided to write this comment, or visit this blog. I am here to thank you for saving this life; your writings, as well as those of Raven Kaldera and others, guided me through the darkest period of my sickness. Thanks to your words, I understood what was happening, why, and how to survive it while becoming what I was to become.

    It has been four years. I now have a name, a tribe, and a place in Odin’s service.

    This story might have no meaning to you; after all, I am but another Internet stranger. But I think it’s honourable, and proper, that you know how you touched the life of someone you do not even know.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you, Nauthiz. I appreciate you reaching out and letting me know. I am so very glad my work was able to be of help.


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