Novena for Apollon Call for Submissions

Lykeia is doing a novena book to Apollon. Please consider submitting. 🙂 See below for more info:

Beloved in Light

Inspired by G alina, now that I have wrapped up Before the Doors: A Domestic Worship of Apollon, I am doing a nine day novena. This will be non profit, published for price of printing by createspace. As such an offering to Apollon, looking for poems submitted focusing on the following six I don’t already have covered: Pythios (the rotting), Smintheus (mouse god dealing with plague and famine), Daphneios (of the laurel/purifying), Alexikakos (averter of evil), Epikourios (helper), and Paean (healer).

Already covered are Lykeios, Prostaterios and Karneios.

The epithets chosen are ones I felt directed towards as ones more relevant to wider regular worship..even if some are less known than others 😉

Now in a given hymn you are free to address other closely related epithets if you so choose.

As I am asking for these as donated devotionals for every accepted poem the author will receive a free…

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