Happy Yule, folks.



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  1. Wishing you the blessings, happiness and peace of this Winter Solstice.
    May you continue to be inspired to share the spiritual knowledge in your books and blog.
    Happy Yule!


  2. Yule-Tide waxing
    Wash me free
    Of the discontent, the despair, the delusions
    That this Year has left within me.

    Yule-Tide waning
    Carry those dregs away
    My Gift to Earth-Mother – building materials for another day

    May I stand fresh and clear and true
    Upon the Threshold of the New Year
    May I have the courage to step through
    Whether I lead the Host into a New Adventure
    Or stand within the Host, sword and shield in hand
    May I stand with Like-Hearted People and be counted as True among them.

    Ancestors of birth and blood and choice
    Rejoice with me as we take on another Season.


  3. Wishing you and Sannion a blessed Yule.


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