A Few Updates

Hey folks, 

Just a few quick updates. Walking the Worlds issue 5 is a little delayed. It will be out the end of January. 

semele-painting2x4The Semele Card, part of the Mother’s prayer card series, is done. I love how She is surrounded in ivy int his image. Grace Palmer really outdid herself (though my favorite in this series is still Maia. There’s something about little.baby.Hermes that is really appealing—and I don’t generally like babies LOL). If you’re interested in donating toward this series, please check out the link above. Usual perks apply. It would be hugely helpful and I think helping to bring images of our Gods into the world is a worthy offering. Right now in this series, we have Semele, Maia, Leto. The next one Grace is working on is going to be Metis. 

Finally, i’ve posted a pacel of my academic papers, including my most recent ones from this past semester, at my page on academia.edu. If you’re interested, you can check them out there. Also, check out my author profile at goodreads.com. I’m enjoying this site immensely and I’m offering two give aways there. I”ll also answer questions about my work (you can submit a question from my author page. Just type in my name at Goodreads search bar and it comes right up). 

That is all for now. Have a save and restful lacuna through the new year, folks. 




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  1. My friend and I are looking for jobs right now (the plan is to get hired at the same place so we can carpool), so pray that it’s comes through for us. Cuz if it does, I’ll def. donate to this series.


  2. How exciting! Can’t wait to see the full set, when that can happen…


  3. Edward Winterborn

    I love how Grace Palmer does those Mediterranean curls!


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