Etsy Updates

EDIT 1/6/17: the Metis card is now also available at the shop.

I’ve updated my etsy shop and cards are now available for the Sumerian Goddesses Ninlil and Ninshubur both by Basil Blake;  Lilith by L. Maye, the Norse Goddesses Sigyn, Sunna, and Sinthgunt by W. McMillan, and Grace Palmer’s Semele, one of the Mothers series.

At the spurring of my oath sister,  I’ve commissioned a card for Forseti from B. Blake (if anyone would like to donate toward the cost of the card, usual perks apply. Please contact me at krasskova at and Grace is currently working on a card for Thetis (also part of the Mothers series). 

More updates soon. Stay tuned, folks. 🙂


Sinthgunt by W. McMillan


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  1. Wonderful to hear!

    So, I’m guessing you don’t need me to do Ninlil any longer, then? No worries if so…



    • ganglerisgrove

      go ahead! when I run another set of them, I’ll do half with your prayer, and half with Virginia’s. I’ve done that before. The variety is nice.


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