Even More from the Met

I want to share these photo as well. I already did on facebook. These are also from the Metropolitan Museum, part of their permanent collection. 


firstly, the head of a young athlete. I adore this image because it just screams Hermes to me. It reminds me of the Hermes Praxiteles image i have on my shrine and it’s one of my favorite things in the Met’s Greco-Roman collection.


Then there is a dancing Maenad with the most awesome Thyrsus ever. 


And the Kharites, the Three Graces


and finally, Herakles.


(all photos are mine, copyright 2017. Do not use without permission)


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  1. The Herakles pic is wonderful.


  2. Wow! Those are all beautiful. The ancient sculptors were very talented.


  3. These are excellent pics. Someday I hope To see these personally, it looks like a wonderful experience


  4. This would be the only reason why I would go to New York City


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