Table of Contents for Issue 5 WTW

As per request, here is the table of contents for the upcoming Issue 5 of Walking the Worlds: 


Introduction  by CATHAL P. PRATT

Heathen Magico-religious Traditions  by K.C. HULSMAN

Ecstatic Practices and Brain Injuries by VIRGINIA CARPER

The Most Dangerous Ally  by KENAZ FILAN

The Roots and the Vine: Discovering the Spirituality of Irish Mumming  by CAROLINE TATEM

Deities of Dream Incubation in Late Antiquity: Two Overlooked Examples by P. SUFENAS VIRIUS LUPUS

The Shamanic Ecstasies of Becoming a Mother by DECEMBER FIELDS-BRYANT

Cleansing the Doors of Perception  by H. JEREMIAH LEWIS

Varieties of Ecstasy in Medieval Irish Texts  by P. SUFENAS VIRIUS LUPUS

Sleep as Altered State of Consciousness  by SARAH KATE ISTRA WINTER

This Feminine Thing: Ecstasy and Identity in Catullus 63  by GALINA KRASSKOVA

Ecstasy and Trance in the Cult of Apollon  by LYKEIA

Who Is Invoked By the Gods’ Names? by LUDWIG MAISEL

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