Hermes Agon Submission

To Hermes, Marker of Boundaries
by Amanda Artemisia Forrester

I sing a song to Hermes, mighty Son of Zeus and the Star-Nymph
You are the Great Shepherd, the Slayer of Argus,
The thief of Apollo’s divine cattle
Patron of businessmen,
And protector of travelers.
I have prayed to You many times,
Offered You wine and barley and whiskey
And in Your name given spare change to the beggars on the corner,
You God of hospitality to strangers and foreigners.
I pray to You now as the God of Boundaries.
No boundaries can hold You,
But You know them well.
Splendid son of Maia, Messenger of the Gods,
Protect my home and my lands
From invaders both from without and within.
Let peace, love and prosperity reign here.
Banish all negativity and order the chaos the assails my life.
Teach me to set my own boundaries,
To stand my ground,
And refuse to let others violate them.
I will offer to You red meat and rising incense,
Great Hermes, dusty Trickster in human guise,
I will praise You as long as I have voice to do so.


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  1. Very beautiful prayer!


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