Limited Special Offer for Diviners


I am offering four one set of really good material for all the diviners out there. I only have four sets though, because I don’t keep copies of my own books around the house (we are so short on book space, you would not believe).

Each set contains the following:


* One copy ofOn Divination,” my book discussing the ins and outs of being a good diviner. It covers topics like binary systems, proper mental and spiritual protocols, dealing with clients, the differences between divination and oracles and more.

*One copy of Sannion’s “Hunting Wisdom: A Bacchic Orphic Diviner’s Manual.” This book introduces a plethora of divination systems, and discusses topics like miasma and purity, ethics of divination, discernment and more. Even if you’re not working in a Bacchic tradition, this book has really important info.sannions-div-book-cover

*a copy of the Diviner’s prayer card.

Each bundle is going for $30 plus $5 shipping and handling. Please contact me at Krasskova at if you want one.






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  1. Nice offer!
    I just sent a request by email.

    KhonsuMes Matt


  2. Still waiting for my Unemployment money otherwise I’d indulge.


  3. I loved Sannion’s book. I forgot how the tools of the diviner need to be fed as well. They are living entities.


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