Submission to Hermes Agon

Who is this God?

(by Sparrow)

There is a God…
With hair as curly as a sheep’s fleece
With eyes as blue as the sky He travels

He wears…
A cloak as green as the fields of Arcadia
And a pair of silver sandals with wings on them

He carries…
A staff as golden as the coins in a merchant’s pouch
And a travelling bag on his elegant shoulder

It is good fortune to know and adore this God
He who…
Helps bards and politicians spin their tales
Oversees the dealings of merchants
Protects travellers on their journeys
Guides the Dead to the Underworld
Blesses His followers with His luck and love

Who is this God?
Why, it is Lord Hermes, of course!

May there always be sweet offerings laid out to Hermes…
On tidy household shrines,
In unkempt cemeteries.

May prayers of adoration always be sang to Him…
In private homes,
In the vast outdoors.

Let us praise this sweet, crafty God


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