Submission to Hermes Agon

In His Footsteps
(by J. Lawrence)

The first path He laid down
was tiny footsteps:
despite the fact that He was less than a day old,
those prints were sure, steady, determined:
He knew what He wanted,
He knew how to get it,
and He knew where to find it–
and thus He created sacrifice.

He stole His brother’s cattle,
led them away, built a fire,
and, with praises and thanks,
laid out two of them in twelve portions,
offering up their flesh to the Deathless Ones.

Oh, swift and keen Hermes,
You show us the way to please You and all the gods,
show us to offer up the best we can, the best we have,
in gratitude toward all that You and the gods give us;
without Your example we would have no idea
of what gifts to offer to please
those who created us and the world around us,
and so I thank you for this example,
and follow in Your footsteps,
giving the best that I can
to show my gratitude to You.


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  1. Another beautiful poem by J. Lawrence! I love her poetry.


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