Hermes Agon 2017 Winner

Hey folks, 

Firstly, thank you everyone who contributed to the Hermes Agon. It’s a beautiful thing to see works of beauty being created for the Gods, and Hermes is just awesome. 

I numbered each entry and drew lots at Hermes shrine this morning. Each and every entry was a worthy offering and I wanted to make them all win. LOL. The one drawn however, was Sparrow. Congratulations, Sparrow. You have won the January Agon. woo. 🙂 

Everyone who contributed will receive a prayer card. If you have a particular one you want in mind, shoot me an email krasskova at, otherwise I’ll probably send Hermes or the card for His mother Maia (which has baby Hermes pictured on it). 

be well, and stay tuned. I’ll be posting the Deity for February’s Agon shortly. 



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