Two things…

  1. Does anyone want any divination? I will answer one question for free. I have a couple of new divination systems that I was recently given (for Loki and HIs family) that I want to try out. Anyone want to be a guinea pig? email me at krasskova @ (remove the spaces around the @ sign) at nine tonight with ONE question if you do, because I’ll be doing that most likely tonight.  I have enough guinea pigs for now. 🙂 Thanks, folks!
  2. If anyone would like a print of my Gefion photo, please contact me at the above email. I am considering having 5×7 prints printed up on nice paper for $10/each (plus 4 shipping and handling– i’ll have to send in mailers). 

that is all… 🙂


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  1. Darn! Wish I knew earlier.


  2. Aaaaargh, I can’t believe I missed this 😣


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