Etsy Update

All the cards for the Nine Daughters of Ran and Aegir have been added to my etsy shop. These cards were sponsored by C. Greene. 

If you are interested in buying these nine plus Ran and Aegir, please shoot me an email at krasskova at and I will create a special listing for you. (the full set is $35, nine dollars less than what they’d cost buying them individually — if i’ve done my math right). 

I’ll be uploading the Leda card momentarily so it can be purchased too. 

I’ve also updated my Patreon account for those who are sponsors.

Finally, if you head on over to my goodreads page (just type in my name to bring up my author page there), i’m taking questions on my work. You can submit your questions and i’ll happily answer them (and right now I have a pretty quick turn around). 


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