If we wade in shit long enough, I think we lose the capacity to distinguish what is good and pure, worth cultivating, what has value, from what is total, utter, unmitigated garbage. We lose discernment. This guy nails it and lays the responsibility at the feet of cultural marxism.


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  1. Agreed! This is the reason why many of us have stopped watching television lol!


  2. The Marxists have invaded the Underground/Counter-Culture and exploited it for their own ends in an effort to kill it.


  3. The world is diseased. It’s been ill for so long that people have forgotten that they’re infected, and think they are well and healthy. Then when they see someone who really is healthy (like a Polytheist with an indigenous worldview who was raised in a Polytheistic culture) they cringe and scream and think that person is the one who is sick. I think that the dogged determination some people have to cling to their diseased pop culture pseudo-Marxist ideology is because some part of them deep down knows what they’ve lost and is terrified by that fact.

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  4. Total agreement, over here.


  5. You do realize what the source of this opinion piece is, right? (That “broken clock is right twice a day” saying comes to mind…)


  6. Shock culture was relatively recently something to resist (remember when Howard Stern and Imus were objects of fringe craziness? it was merely 20 years ago). When I was in college, about that time, I would spend 10 minutes upbraiding every idiotic socialist who tried to broadside me on campus. Since I had experienced socialism firsthand and they hadn’t, it was shooting fish in a barrel for me. I’d ask them how they’d feel if their inheritance, including mementos, even a child’s teddy bear, were confiscated by the gov for the purpose of redistribution “for the good of society”? How they’d feel to know they couldn’t broadside anyone on any campus (about anything) because they’d be either shot dead in the street by a sniper or disappeared from their home in the night, and then dumped back after a few weeks of torture? I was telling these dweebs to “check their privilege” long before that was a “thing.”

    Here’s a true story, and I’m afraid it’s from the polytheist/pagan movement. A trans woman I know who spends time both as a man and a woman, and maintains a temple of Aphrodite is a fan of this moral decay of culture. I made the mistake of assuming s/he’d be as disgusted as I was and said something like “Ugh, what kind of person watches Jerry Springer anyway?” And he (at that moment he was a he) frowned and said “Well at least it’s being talked about, instead of being hidden.” Until that moment, I didn’t realize just how far that decay had affected the pagan culture as well.

    Similarly, I have other instances where pagans lost their way. One person told me that my mother’s cancer was surely punishment she deserved for being evil in another life (karma). This was a pagan bookstore owner. At a convention, I have been told that I’m “drumming wrong” and ridiculed for believing that deities might not always demand painful agonizing tasks from their worshipers. As if pain and agony is the only way to prove devotion.

    Then there was the guy who put people’s lives at risk at every gathering – me, he took canoeing and nearly led us over a waterfall, just for the thrill of watching me panic. His mother was a lovely soul, but he was rotten all the way through. I think he just wanted sex.

    I stay away from large groups of pagans now unless I know them well enough to know they aren’t part of the decay. One of my bi-friends told me outright he only shows up to look for women. He’s a Scorpio, I can’t decide if he’s part of the decay or just being mysterious, but he’s definitely not a spiritually deep person. Too many in the community just want to find loose women and/or a life partner who’s “cool”, then they drop out.

    My point is, being pagan doesn’t instantly make someone a deep thinker or a cultural person. This blog is one of the good ones. All I’m saying is, don’t assume that because someone claims they are pagan, they are automatically part of the cultural elite, or even telling the truth. Just like any work, the Great Work is to keep your hands busy doing beautiful, soul lifting things, not creating an echo chamber where people can manipulate you by flattery and criticism.


    • i think there’s a bit difference between a Pagan and a Polytheist and again between a Polytheist and one who is likewise rooted in the values the Gods hold forth, the cultural traditions. it’s not enough sometimes just to believe and practice. it takes a complete reworking of our priorities and there’ s a lot of resistance to that in large part because it means evaluating pop culture and the rest of the crap that we surround ourselves with.


  7. PSVL, I can like a piece without agreeing with every single point in it.


    • Which is fair enough and I’d expect that of most people about most things (even though you are far from “most people”–and I think that’s a good thing!); however, it has not been clear to me what parts you might disagree with in anything you’ve written here or in your replies to other comments, so I was just seeking clarification on that. The other things coming out from InfoWars are pretty egregious in their departure from the wonderful world of facts on many occasions, alas.


      • I think one has to evaluate every single video on its own merits or vices. with a lot of these commentators – conservative, liberal, or in between — they can be be great and rational and you’re cheering along with them on one, and the very next video is just out there. I evaluate every video or news article or what have you on its own merit.

        I take away from that viewing. I don’t make snap judgments about these people based on any one thing they say. I’ll keep what i disagree with in the back of my head and that does influence how i interpret future things from them, and if it gets to be really bad I stop watching them, but I don’t agree with anyone 100% so i give leeway.

        Here, I agree with his criticism of feminism. I’m not comfortable with some of his ideas on trans issues, but i agree 100% with his criticism of the paucity of pop culture in general. I mean, some cultures are inherently superior to others (like western culture is inherently superior to all Muslim majority states where gays, trans, and other gender non conformists are under a literal death sentence and let’s not even talk about the position of women in those societies) and if we don’t start defending our values and principles, we’re done for.


      • Thank you for clarifying.


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