Submission to Gefion’s Agon

Prayer to Gefion

(by Emily)

That must have been a tall tale
That Gefjon gave to Gylfi
When Her travels brought Her track
To his hall’s hospitality

She made all the men blithe
Ale-glad She made Gylfi
And gift for gift he gave Her
All the ploughing of one day and night

Erce! Pull, you white ox, bright as rain!
Erce! Pull, you red ox, blood-coloured!
Erce! Pull, you gold ox, warm as sunshine!
Erce! Pull, you black ox, moon-browed and dark!

Gefjon greatly multiplied Her gift
To the land She left a shining lake
To the sea She sent a holy island
So all the places of Her pilgrimage were blessed

Hail Gefjon!


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