Shrine pictures

After running about making various offerings to Hermes, I spent the rest of the morning redoing my Hermes shrine, and my Loki and Sigyn shrine. 


Hermes’ place. ^


Loki and Sigyn’s place.^

The icon above is by Grace Palmer, and belonged to my mom Fuensanta. 


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  1. These are so beautiful. I’m proud to see Wayne’s work enshrined and framed!

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    • yes! i didn’t specify that they were wayne’s only because i’ve posted about them before and have them with the prayer card list marked with his name. 🙂

      I”ve gotten all of them in that same, classic gold frame. they look awesome.

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    • You can see where Sigyn’s icon is going to go once it’s framed too–right next to Loki’s. 🙂

      Folks, Wayne and D. take commissions. If you’re lusting after my icons that they’ve done, you too can have awesome devotional art. Email them.

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  2. Very cool shrines! I especially like the icon that belonged to your adoptive Mom. 🙂

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  3. That’s an amazing icon…I was going to ask about it, but you answered it in your post after the picture!

    Thank you for sharing these!

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  4. I have a rather substantial box of stuff tucked under each shrine, one has stuff that is Hermes’ that I rotated off His shrine, the other stuff for Sigyn and Loki, and a small assortment of shrine cloths.

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  5. Dionysian Artist, it’s a modern statue. I got it at the Germano-Roman museum in Cologne.


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