What is Reality in the Face of Virtue?

“I had hoped that 1500 years of Christian supremacy would have beaten the stupid out of Pagans about this whole thing, but apparently some people never learn.”


“Rich white man ignores victims of rape to prove he is not a racist.”

Son of Hel

You know what I love? I love it when someone is so intent on having their nose in the air that they forget to look at the ground. Few things annoy me more than virtue signalling, but they typically are merely an annoyance. It’s when your virtue signalling so hard that you actually forget about real people and their suffering, that I start having a serious problem with it.

It seems Beckett has decided to do just that.

Last week I had a Facebook friend request from someone I didn’t know but who looked legitimate. The profile was male – scammers usually come after men with female profiles. There was the usual mixture of family and current events posts that looked organic, rather than thrown together to create a fake profile. The political posts were on the conservative side, but that’s OK – I don’t live in a bubble…

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  1. Not only should Beckett take in a Muslim migrant family, but he should openly share his Pagan rituals with them as a gesture of Interfaith dialog. What could possibly go wrong?

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