First Entry for Ares’ Agon

To Ares
By K. R.

Once, women did war dances for you
knowing that every field of battle
was an offering ground to You.

Once libations were poured out
Spears clanged and altars were stained red
With offerings proper to You.
Once, Your very name was a sacrament.
May it be again, oh my God.

Yours is the rage that burned
In Achille’s heart,
Yours his fury
When he slew his lover’s slayer.
Yours is the hunger
That drew Aphrodite to You,
Like a moth circling the savage flame;
Yours, the terror of nations.

To You, God of valor,
I pray always:
Igniter of passion,
Attended in war
By Dread, Terror, and Horror,
You Who avenged Your daughter
When She was raped,
Who stood proudly in the court of Gods
Stood for justice for Your children and prevailed,
Bless me always, that I may have such a share of courage too,
And that I may never back down from what is just.

Hail to You, Ares,
God of valor and vengeance.
I offer this libation to You.

(make a libation).


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  1. A very powerful prayer. Hail Ares!


  2. A beautiful, moving prayer. May His altars be stained red once more.


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