Third Entry to Ares Agon

To Ares
by Keith McCormic

Mighty, they call You-
Beast-Like, Destroyer Of Men.
Soaked In Blood, I fear You.

Perhaps I am lucky
To see this side of You
Only from far away.

Yet I know that You,
Or this part at least,
is always near to us, to me.

And I dread You for that,
Terrible City-Breaker.
I tremble to draw near.

We favor the Bright-Eyed,
We dedicate our militaries and
Our capitols to Her.

Wise Counselor may have led
Our forefathers to Just Rebellion,
But You are Her father.

Unescapable reminds us
There is more than one
Goddess of Justice.

When You slew a rapist,
You stood trial for the deed,
And were rightly acquitted.

Some call You duplicitous,
But You speak with decisive action-
With clarity and finality.

I fear You, even though
Harmony is also Your daughter.
Passionate Love, Your son.

These sides of You
My people and I also
Struggle to acknowledge.

We have built a society of laws
Riddled with injustices and
We coldly plod past them.

Because we recoil from You.
In our dispassion, we
Equate hubris with Wisdom.

I fear You, Brazen One.
But I need You.
My people need You.

And I know that You
Are coming again amongst us-
Please help us be ready.




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  1. Wow! A very powerful poem indeed!


  2. Hail Ares!


  3. This simultaneously honours the God while acknowledging His uncomfortable power that hangs closer to our lives than we’d like. Well done.

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  4. “Please help us be ready.”

    I find that phrase very fitting for a plea to Ares. He won’t soften the blow, but He can help you be ready to receive it.

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