My Morning Began with this Question…

My morning began with the following question, which got me out of bed faster than any alarm could have. After responding and going back and forth with my correspondent a bit, I asked permission to share the question and my response here.

My correspondent begins:

Hi I’m sorry to bother you. I’m just struggling to figure out what this movie character Loki marrying all these really lonely, isolated women is.

I could see taking advantage of the films to get followers but I’m not sure if what clients are dealing with is a deity.”

My correspondent then goes on to describe behavior of this wight that her friend is describing as Loki in ways that are bizarre, violating, and manipulative.

…(I’ve made some edits for privacy, even with permission to share.)

He wanders around my room looking at my stuff and doing dramatic David Bowie poses.

The “wife” never promised to be his wife forever, just until she finds a human. “Loki” doesn’t like it and says, “We’ll see.” She can’t worship Set because Loki is scared she’ll fall in love with Set. There’s a spirit “Green” who comes (and was coming before the movies got her into the Northern Tradition) and makes love with her, especially if she feels neglected by Loki. 

Loki dresses up in clothing from her favorite TV show and they act it out.

She’s never had friends because illness hit young so she’s been living with her parents her entire life without any relationships like friends, boyfriends, work, and she’s socially delayed, like a child I think from it. She’s completely alone aside from her mother and “Loki.”

At this point I was seriously alarmed. This is not Loki. This is not Loki. I’ll say it again for those who may find this difficult: This is not Loki. If this is what is happening to you in your relationship with what you think is a Holy Power, you may want to consult an elder or specialist. This is not the way a God behaves. Godspousery is a thing, a binding, lifelong commitment (that may or may not rule out human relationships) but it does not function in any way, shape, or form like what this person is describing, nor do healthy devotional relationships.

Part of the problem is pop culture specifically how it teaches us to view and approach the Divine and what it teaches us to expect from such exchanges. It opens a door toward incorrect behavior with the Gods and spirits, in ways that seriously and negatively impact discernment. There is an undertone in so many movies, television series, comics, books, etc. of the Gods being childish, vain, immature or otherwise behaving in ways that allow for the human characters to gain the upper hand in relationships, to put Them in their place, most of all to dismiss Them as Powers in favor of human supremacy in the grand cosmic hierarchy. The cultivation of this attitude is bad enough but what is worse is that it entrains us to think that Gods will behave this way, and the way described above – They don’t—which in turn opens the door for any bottom feeding, parasitic hanger-on spirit to masquerade and someone raised on a steady diet of pop culture pabulum all too often lacks the discernment to tell the difference.

At any rate, my morning’s email continued:

I wonder if she made it up, but I’ve experienced him, this spirit she calls Loki, as how she described. My health gets much worse after reading for her every time.

I’ve never done spirit work where they’ve ever behaved like this, especially deities. Usually they are more … dignified and have meaningful messages that the client needs. “Loki” just tells her what he wants her to do and offer to him. It’s a very sulky bitchy vibe.”

Folks, read that last paragraph again please. It’s right on the money. This is simply not how Deities generally behave and that includes Loki. This is one of the key things to watch for in certain interactions: are you being told only what you want to hear? It’s a huge red flag.

My client continued:

So something IS there, but I think it’s something else (abandoned thought form by some coven, incubus, I have no clue). When I said I couldn’t work with them anymore, “Loki” immediately jumped on me, trying to stimulate every “You’re my true love, 100% perfect” sexual thing. I ended that in a second. But if this thing is giving “You’re perfect, dedicate your life to me” romance novel intensity to lonely, kinda imbalanced women – it feels dangerous. It’s taking advantage of the movie Loki form.

Maybe. I don’t know. Freya and divination say I’m right, it’s a low level predator spirit preying on vulnerable Pagan women.

But you know the real Loki and I think I recall you had opinions about this. I rarely know what pop culture or Paganism (another pop culture too much of the time to get anything of value from it) is doing, so I didn’t pay attention. I had no idea Loki was in movies and people were worshipping movie characters and saying it’s the deities.

Since I had someone else contact me who also became a Loki wife where he always treats her like a queen and it sounds like escapism – the opposite of every deity or ancestor or land spirit I’ve met and all their messages and none wander my space, terrible with boundaries and then wanting me in the exact same time of relationship – all consuming love/lust – I just want to know if there’s something like this people are experiencing. It’s like a … virus. A needy virus who takes over people’s lives.

Sorry to bother you again about this. But in a world of Loki wives this is obviously going to be happening more.”

My response was rather terse:

I think that what you’re describing is, on the part of your friend, delusional. In many of the cases where one sees this, it’s fanfiction gone awry. I think it’s a case of people who want the Gods to be their best friends instead of the Powers that They are. Can Loki choose to take the image of Marvel Loki? Yes, absolutely. He is a God and this can be a doorway for Him. However, the behavior that you’re describing is simply not how Loki is, not how any Deity is. It is, however, precisely how certain bottom feeding spirits behave however.

What you’re describing is concerning, and I would be more inclined to say this is someone who A) needs to get off tumblr or other social media and B) needs good firm spiritual direction and possibly C) Therapy. Lots and lots of therapy.

I would agree with you actually: it’s very likely a low level predator spirit but I also don’t think your friend is going to hear you. She’s most likely too invested in it being Loki. You describe it like a ‘virus’ and I think that is an apt metaphor and the virus is going to defend itself. I don’t think your friend is going to be willing to have her delusion challenged because it makes her feel good (despite what you’ve told me – which for privacy reasons I did not quote the specifics here—about it damaging her health).

I detest the Marvel movies. I find them deeply impious (which doesn’t mean that the real Loki can’t use that image– i do not want to sound as though I am limiting the power of a God!). 99% of the people that I see claiming their Loki looks/acts like Marvel Loki have one of the following happening: 1. low level predator spirit fucking with them, 2, they’re delusional and incapable of telling fiction from reality – or unwilling to do so– (and often live more of their lives online than in actual in-person social interactions 3. they’re deeply confused. In all cases they lack spiritual discernment. The desire for it to BE Loki and for themselves to be special is the only thing driving the interaction.

I have seen devout Lokeans put an image of that character on their shrines for Loki because it is a pop culture representation of Him but in those cases, there’s a clear understanding that “this is something that reminds me of Loki as trickster” not “this is Loki and he’s dancing around my bedroom.” I am always deeply suspicious when Gods no longer behave as gods but are reduced to being someone’s playmate or best friend — unless that someone is a child in which case I’ll make allowances though even then I would do serious divination and investigation.

I know very devout Loki’s wives. I don’t know a single one of them who can’t tell the difference between the fictional marvel Loki character and Their divine husband. 

I’m sorry but your friend is either being harassed by a low grade spirit or delusional. The behavior you describe from the thing when it jumped out at you is NOT Loki, and yes, I think your comparison of it to a virus is very apt. 

To get rid of a bottom feeding spirit, you’d have to cut the cord it has with your friend — it’s probably feeding on her– cleanse her, shield her, and banish it, warding her home. Then she has to not invite it back. She’s not going to cooperate with that. I would instead make offerings to the real Loki and your own patron Goddess Freya and maintain continued prayers for your friend’s well-being and protection. I think, however, that she is far too deeply invested in the emotional umph she gets from these encounters to listen to you. 

I do rather consider it a collective insanity.

I would, by the way, given the interactions you describe with your friend and this wight, suggest major cleansings for yourself. If you don’t know how to ground, center, and shield, I recommend learning. The book I usually recommend for my students is Sophie Reicher’s “Spiritual Protection.” Understand that when you are in your friend’s presence as she is now, and when this wight is present, you are engaging someone and something deeply polluted spiritually. You will need to cleanse yourself so that you do not become impacted by it or open to its influence.

All of this, my readers, highlights the importance of proper spiritual discernment. There is a difference between engagement and wish-fulfillment and it’s important to know the damned difference.


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Galina Krasskova has been a Heathen priest since 1995. She holds a Masters in Religious Studies (2009), a Masters in Medieval Studies (2019), has done extensive graduate work in Classics including teaching Latin, Roman History, and Greek and Roman Literature for the better part of a decade, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology. She is the managing editor of Walking the Worlds journal and has written over thirty books on Heathenry and Polytheism including "A Modern Guide to Heathenry" and "He is Frenzy: Collected Writings about Odin." In addition to her religious work, she is an accomplished artist who has shown all over the world and she currently runs a prayer card project available at

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  1. Whenever I hear “one true live” it throws up a huge red flag. I have seen it and have exposed to it indirectly by someone who tried tell me that they were speaking on behalf my lord as a break up because he found his “one true love”. This very phenomena is very predatory in my mind. My response is I don’t know who you are talking to but that is not my beloved lord. Taking advantage of romantic human fantasy of one true absolute love ought to be a huge warning sign. This is not how gods work.

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  2. Ugh. I’ve seen this as well. When you don’t know (or don’t care about) basic shielding and cleansing, you’re defenseless against anything that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. People who lock their cars in a parking lot think they can throw their heads and hearts wide open with no fear of consequences. They understand the material world is a dangerous place but they don’t understand that the spiritual and material worlds are reflections of each other. And not just reflections of the nice parts.

    I might advise your client to get some mistletoe and offer it to the Wolf-Father Mare-Mother. keep some in her house and give some to her friend as “a gift to Loki.” Let’s see what happens when faux-Loki encounters the real thing.

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  3. This is some scary, disturbing stuff for sure. When someone is that far gone, the only thing one can really do is pray for them and hope that the real Power will deal with the imposter. As much as I don’t like telling someone to plop a problem down at the Gods’ feet and hope They fix it, that seems to be the only option left.

    And I thought I had it bad when my friends kept wanting me to go see the Thor movie with them.

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  4. In every instance I’ve seen of this kind of thing (and my reaction is mostly to back away slowly as the spidey sense tingles) those involved don’t want to lose their astral lover and refuse to consider that they aren’t who they think they are.
    Thus the person trying to help becomes the hated antagonist rather than someone trying to help.

    The only thing I’ve found that changes it is when the person involved discovers them for themselves.

    Nor do I claim to be discernment guru or anything. :p when I was starting out my discernment was honestly so so at the best of times. Years later it’s improved a decent amount but my ‘go to’ reaction when someone claiming to be a deity says things or acts in a way that’s too much of what I want to hear or see, is not to trust them and to disengage.

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  5. This is a tough one since people get “wedded” to these “imaginary” beings. Often when people discuss astral lovers and children, I have to wonder if they have mental illness or are so attached to this idea that they can’t live without it. Stripping someone of these beings can be as harmful as keeping them there. Which is why specialists are needed…… spiritual, religious, and medical.

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  6. Your reply to this person was spot on and thank you both for sharing. I have had people ask me, “How do you know when it’s a God/Goddess?” and my answer has been that the Being will consistently act like a God/Goddess.

    I think it also points to a really, really serious lack in mainstream society about having true and sincere relationship and respect for the Divine, and personal respect for what is sacred. My own life would not feel complete without my relationships with my own Gods and Goddesses, and this is something people really do not understand – that the satisfaction comes from service and not from an egoistic need to have the Gods/Goddesses/Wights validate a missing sense of self-worth.

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  7. It also occurred to me after reading the comments previously made how conditioned many of us are in our culture to have to find that “true love” when the truth is we can have many loves, some of them romantic, and some of them soul friends, throughout an entire life time…

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    • ganglerisgrove

      this is a huge issue, i think, especially for women. i’ve seen women throw their devotional lives away, do things that put them in harm, do things that were plain stupid, curtail and narrow their lives, and obsess over having a mate. I’ve seen otherwise intelligent women tie themselves into knots because they weren’t married or didn’t have a boy/girl friend and it’s just sad. Ithink this conditioning is part of the problem.

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  8. I don’t have anything to say about dealing with gods in that deep capacity because my devotional practice is very Household Worship focused and straightforward even in my offerings to gods that go beyond the lunar cycle. However, I think we’re running parallel in our analysis of polytheism and gods in popular culture. One of the reasons I keep ranting on my blog about polytheist representation in hashtags (and in literature that moves beyond the sacred stories we share among one another) is that bias towards Christian or atheistic stories and narratives. Pop culture is values-neutral and has room for a lot of religious and cultural practices. We need more literary and teen fiction and comics written by polytheists for a broader audience. In other words, CS Lewis levels of literary fiction, but with polytheistic lenses. Why don’t we have teen fiction about teens doing teen fiction things with a backdrop of shrine offerings and trips with their parents to polytheist meetups? Even when people try to do polytheism, as in the way the Battlestar Galactica team wrote the religion expressed in the show, they tend to fall a bit flat on the mechanics of it unless they’re actually familiar with how polytheism works.

    Rick Riordan (who I mentioned on my blog this week — I promise I’m not trying to plug my posts; this is more of a situation where we seem to have dovetailed to speak on the same topic at the same time, but in different contexts) is actually on my Never Buy list of authors because he used to have a blog, and on it, he posted once about the Hellenic revival in Greece in a derogatory way. And now this man has a children’s fiction enterprise and is soliciting writers to write about Chinese and Hindu gods and the like. I highly doubt any of those authors will actually come out of those religions. So not only do we have a bunch of teens who are trying to express polytheism based on books about half-gods like the ones Riordan wrote, but we have someone who has written things like that and who is now in a position to do the same thing with further polytheistic mythological landscapes.

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  9. That is indeed a scary story, and hope that woman gets the kind of help she needs (spiritual, psychological, sounds like it might be some of both). I wish there was some better exposure to education about discernment and such. Maybe spiritual protection just not fun to some people, I dunno, I’m not of surprised it’s not more attractive than it seems to be.

    Reading this made me think of a personal experience I had with a predatory spirit masquerading as something from pop culture. When I was a teenager, a friend and I were playing with a Ouija board trying to contact the spirit world. (we were dumb kids) The Lord of the Rings movies were coming out at that time, and I was kind of obsessed with them. One of the spirits we talked to claimed to a Hobbit, said his name was Frodo, but he wasn’t the Frodo who took the ring to Mordor. He (it?) then demanded that we leave our homes and go to some mountain range to wait for his/its instructions, and when we refused, it got angry. We tried to explain that we were kids and couldn’t do that, and also wouldn’t when we just ‘met’ it, and he/it was just pissed. We both felt waves of cold and malice, the room seemed to get darker, and my body started to shake involuntarily. We stopped and tried to clear, which we knew how to do, but it held on. It was strong. My friend called up the spirit of her grandfather, who she had been close to before he died, thinking he’d be personally motivated to protect us. That worked. He chased it away for us. It never bothered us again and we were more careful (and I’m still friends with that girl today). I hope the story you shared can have a happy ending, too. I haven’t thought about that incident in YEARS, but reading this story makes me wonder what may have happened if we hadn’t been as discerning. I hope that woman will be okay.


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